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Late Modern's Second Phase, The New York School

The first wave of modern design in America was imported by immigrants from Europe. These Europeans introduced avant-garde art/design to Americans.

Just as Paris had been the city where new ideas and images emerged during the 19th and early 20th century, New York City assumed that roles during the middle of the 20th century.

New York City became the cultural center of the world, and graphic design innovations were ranked high among its accomplishments. The New York School was born from an excitement about European modernism and fueled by economic and technological expansion. It became a dominant force in graphic design from the 1940s until the 1970s.

Saul Bass was born and schooled in New York, but then moved west to California and changed how we look at movie promotion. Bass also created a significant number of long-standing logos.

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Dr. Agha was born in Russia and received advanced degrees in Paris. He moved to Berlin, Germany where he met Condé Nast (magazine publisher), who convinced Agha to come to New York and be the art director for Vogue.Agha then went on to work for Vanity Fair and House + Garden magazines.


Cipe Pineles, America’s first female art director. Moved from Europe as a teenager. After school became an assistant to Dr. Agha at Vogue. Went on to become the art sirector for Glamour, Seventeen, Charm, and Mademoiselle magazines. Pineles was also the first female member of the New York Art Director's Club. She also taught at Parson's School of Design for many years.

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Corporate Identity and Visual Systems

The technological advances made during WWII were tremendous. After the war attention focused on consumer goods, and many people believed the opportunity for economic growth and expansion was unending. With this believe the saying “Good design is good business became the quote of graphic designers during the 1950s

In the 1950s with the onset of television and the computer, we were beginning to usher the Information Age, and the term corporate communication
was created. William Golden worked for a number of years with CBS. Golden came to the States from Germany and worked for CBS for nearly 2 decades. He was married to Pineles. He died at the young age of 48, some saying that he worked himself to death.

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